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Dogs Available For Adoption

You can meet any of our dogs by appointment or at our next mobile adoption event on Come see Rover Rescues adoptable dogs at the Torance Petco, 24413 Crenshaw Blvd from 12 to 3 Saturday February 24th

  • Dart URGENT adopt me

    German shepherd
    Female, 5 years, 77 pounds

    Urgent: Rover Rescue saved this beautiful girl from a life on the streets. She is an amazingly gentle and sweet dog. When we took her to be spayed, we learned that she had pyometra - an infected uterus. This condition is deadly if untreated. Dart is healing nicely now and we are so grateful. However, the bills from Dart’s surgery and medical treatment are mounting. Please help in any way you can. You can donate on-line by clicking the donate button on our page or by sending a check to: Rover Rescue, P.O. Box 424, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Please put “for Dart” on your check. Thanks.

  • Blossom adopt me

    Female, 5 to 7, 12 pounds

    Blossom was found on the streets in pretty rough condition. A few wounds and a mouth full of infected and rotten teeth. She’s all cleaned up now and in perfect health. This dog is the perfect dog. She’s mellow, easy to walk, cat and dog friendly. Did we mention how perfect she is? Blossoms first part of her life was rough. Let’s make the second part of her life perfect like her.

  • Bongo adopt me

    Pit bull mix
    Male, 11 months, 36 pounds.

    Pocket pit Bongo lives up to his name! He’s full of life and living it to the fullest. If you are within five feet of Bongo, you are his new best friend. Bongo ended up at Carson animal Shelter twice! Once as at 8 months and again at 10 months old because he played a little rough with the family cat. Bongo needs an active home, daily walks and lots of love

  • George adopt me

    Chihuahua mix
    Male, 8 years, 8 pounds

    Look at those ears! George has the. Eat eats and the personality to go with them. George is a happy little guy with the perfect temperament.

  • Vader adopt me

    German Shepherd mix
    Male, 1 year, 50 pounds

    Vader is a goofy, Silly boy who is slowly coming out of his shell. Vader was living in a parking lot in Compton for most of his life. Vader is fine with other dogs, just takes him a bit to warm up because he’s so scared.


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