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of homeless dogs from los angeles animal shelters

Dogs Available For Adoption

You can meet any of our dogs by appointment or at our next mobile adoption event on Saturday, June 23rd 11am - 2pm Centinela Feed & Pet Supply 413 No. PCH Redondo Beach, CA 90277 Come meet our adorable dogs available for adoption!

  • Humphrey adopt me

    Male, 5 years, 12 pounds

    Urgent: FUNDS NEEDED: Poor Humphrey has had a rough time. He was found wandering the streets lost and confused, no roof over his head or soft bed to sleep in. He then ended up at the Carson Shelter which terrified him even more. He sat trembling in his kennel trying to put on his bravest face amongst all of the other barking dogs. Then one day he thought he caught his lucky break, someone decided to adopt him and he was out of the shelter! He was so happy to be out of there and in a home with a soft bed. When he was taken to the vet they told his new owner that Humphrey had a lot of tartar built up and would need a cleaning. Unfortunately this was too much for his new owner and Humphrey was returned to Carson Shelter. He knew immediately where he was and reverted back to his terrified self. You could just see the pain in his eyes, not knowing what he did to deserve being in such a scary place. Luckily the same day Humphrey was returned, Rover Rescue was at the Carson Shelter. After checking with the shelter and seeing how sweet Humphrey was, we decided to rescue him! It wasn’t until Humphrey was out of the building did we learn about the state of his teeth, but he had already stolen our hearts and we could never turn our backs on Humphrey. Plenty of dogs we’ve rescued have needed some dental care but it wasn’t until our vet saw him did we know how bad it truly was. Humphrey needed several extractions and a thorough cleaning which came with a hefty bill. Humphrey is such a sweet boy and if he could have taken care of his teeth on his own he would have brushed every day! We were not prepared for the full extent of Humphrey’s medical bills, so please consider a donation. You can donate online via the DONATE button on our site, or send checks to : Rover Rescue PO Box 424 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 Please mark “For Humphrey”. Thank you!

  • Dante adopt me

    Terrier poodle
    Male, 7 months, 10 pounds

    Dante landed in the Carson shelter, no fault of his own. Dante was scared and shut down in the shelter environment and not thriving. Rover Rescue bailed this little guy and he’s slowly coming out of his shelll. Dante is sweet and learning how to be a pup.

  • Mitch adopt me

    Terrier mix
    Male, 1 year, 24 pounds

    Hold onto your heart because Mitch will steal it! Mitch is just the perfect size dog, not too big and not too small. He’s easy going but still has a bit of puppy in him.

  • Wiggles adopt me

    Male, 5 years, 7 pounds

    Wiggles is your typical happy, everyone is my friend Poodle, thus his name “wiggles” wiggles will wiggle his way right to your heart with his charm.

  • George adopt me

    Chihuahua mix
    Male, 8 years, 8 pounds

    Look at those ears! George has the. Eat eats and the personality to go with them. George is a happy little guy with the perfect temperament.


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