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Success Stories

  • The Great Lover

    On Valentine’s Day, 2006, I was blessed with the most genuine and sincere Valentine I had ever received, my pampered pooch, Valentino.

    I had been browsing the internet when I was struck with Love at first sight. When I saw his picture, my heart melted.

    Since arriving to his new forever home, Valentino has made quite a name for himself in the neighborhood. Much like his namesake, Valentino shares the nickname “The Great Lover”. He eagerly greets anyone and everyone on the street, dog park, or market with a gleeful spin and wet kisses!

    It seems fitting that I will from now on celebrate Valentino’s life on the date most closely associated with Love and lovers. It was the day that I fell in Love and learned that EVERYDAY is like Valentine’s Day with him in my life!

    Thank you Cathy and Rover Rescue for helping us find each other!! We will forever be grateful!

    — Charlotte and Valentino Hufschmidt

  • My Little Star

    We adopted Blossom 2 years ago now and I really can’t imagine my life without her. She is the most amazing dog. She came from a bad situation, when Rover Rescue saved her. She has since become a celebrity and has been in the newspaper twice, one time on the very front page of the Arizona Republic. The article was about Designer Dogs, and in summary, went something like this:

    “When it comes to looking chic, Blossom is as pretty as they come. Blossom is a brown and white Chihuahua belonging to Lisa Kolp who adopted her from Rover Rescue. The little dog’s life since has been filled with attention and a stylish wardrobe most people would drool over. ’When she has her pink dress on, she starts prancing around…You can tell she knows it looks adorable,’ said Kolp.”

    I am so happy that I have changed this little girl’s life so much and that I can give her all the love she missed out on for the first years of her life. She is such a sweetheart and she deserves all the love in the world.

    — Lisa Kolp

  • Monty Helps Kathy Deal with Cancer

    I don’t know what I would have done without Monty’s love and affection as I deal with breast cancer. Even before I was diagnosed he made my life the happiest it’s ever been. Just watching him grow each day and getting smarter and smarter, braver and more loving even to my 7-year-old cat has brought me joy.

    When I am fatigued and in bed for days he is right beside me, leaving only to bark at anyone at the door, go outside to do his duty or eat. He actually brings his toys to me so that we can play on the bed. He has been my reason to smile some days and laugh like never before.

    Monty has helped our family become closer during this treatment and worrisome time. He has kept us distracted from waiting until the treatment will end. All this will pass and Monty and I will live a long life together. He overcame the odds and so will I.

    — Kathy Cuppa

  • Wyatt at play

    Wyatt at play

    Everything is great with Wyatt (aka Sam) . You told us he is a “very sweet boy” and that he is! He has adjusted to his new life beautifully. He loves to snuggle and has become a fan of the tennis ball.

    We take him to the dog park at least 6 out of 7 days a week and he is extremely social with all of the dogs, but for some reason really likes the “blondes”. He loves meeting all of the people there, too!

    He took his first car trip to Sacramento for Thanksgiving to see “Grandma & Grandpa” and couldn’t have been more relaxed and well-behaved. He was very spoiled and told us we have to go back for Christmas. (Even though “Grandma” sends him treats/gifts in the mail every week!)

    Adpoting Wyatt is one of the best things we have done. He gives us love and laughter and we’re quite sure he is happy with the love and care he gets in return.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    — Jen and Aaron

  • South Central to Shop Keeper

    One look at this little girl and you think of a radar dish. With huge ears perked up from a tiny Chihuahua body, the name Radar seemed right. After her August rescue from the South Central shelter and “makeover” she sojourned in Santa Monica for a couple of weeks taking rides in a bicycle basket, re-growing some fur, and generally relaxing at the beach. But her foster dad realized that the relationship couldn’t last forever and, sure enough, someone saw her picture and decided that she was just what they were looking for.

    After a vacation in Cambria with her new parents Royce and Michael Morales, this throwaway pup has become a serious Hollywood Riviera Village shopkeeper. These days, if you stop by Harmony Works in Redondo Beach, you’ll probably find Sadie (a.k.a. Radar) luxurating in her bed behind the jewelry cabinets.

  • Rodger the Ring Bearer

    Rodger has been with us for 2 years now and we couldn’t be any happier. He actually acted as ring bearer in our wedding. He was walked down the aisle by my sister and the rings were in a purse around his neck. He is such a huge part of our life he had to be in the ceremony! Thanks for being there for him and bringing us together.

    — Scott and Cathy Bigbee


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