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Success Stories

  • Beating The Odds With Love

    Tammy’s story combines luck, medicine, and love — lots of love. This eight-month-old terrier mix left the Carson Shelter because of Cathy Rubin’s love. But the morning after being spayed she had a 106-degree fever and was dying. The vet gave her 50/50 odds of seeing the next morning — she had the Parvo Virus. Five days of intravenous fluids later it was discovered that she also had Distemper and, again, 50/50 odds of survival. A vet’s love and skill kept her alive for two weeks. That’s when Sabine and Holger Liebenstein stepped in to offer foster parents’ love for a pup that could easily die within the next two months. But love took over where medicine left off. Today Tammy goes by the name of Daphne and is the happy adopted puppy of the Liebensteins — a wonderful example of how Rover Rescue uses its donations and how love, lots of love, can beat the odds.


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