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Foster Parenting

Whitney with her foster mom Tara

Whitney with her foster mom Tara. Whitney was rescued from the Carson Animal Shelter

There’s a perfect home out there for each and every Rover Rescue dog. Sometimes it just takes a little while to find it.

That’s where our foster parents come in.

These compassionate dog lovers open their hearts and their homes to provide temporary shelter for our homeless canines. Through their kindness and generosity, we gain valuable time and the insight we need to place each dog in the perfect, permanent home.

What Does A Foster Parent Do?

Foster parents provide security, love, companionship and the nurturing home environment that all dogs need to fully blossom.

They play a key role in helping us evaluate a rescued dog’s behavior, temperament and energy level. Through their daily interaction in the home, we gather important information like whether a dog is housebroken, patient with children, aggressive or shy with cats and other dogs. The more we learn about a dog through foster care, the more successful we will be in creating the ideal match.

What Are The Commitments Involved In Foster Parenting?

Most Rover Rescue dogs are healthy, well-adjusted dogs that transition quickly and easily into a new, permanent family. However, some dogs require a little extra care, ranging from post-op rehab to specific food and exercise regimens. Others may need time to develop better social skills with people or other dogs.

The average length of time a dog is fostered is about three weeks, but fostering can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. Rover Rescue will cover the expense of food, grooming and any necessary medical care for the duration of the dog’s stay in the foster home.

In addition to attending to the dog’s basic needs, foster parents must ensure that their foster dogs are available to attend our Mobile Adoption Events. These are held every other Saturday, from 11am to 2pm at Centinela Feed in Redondo Beach. If a foster parent is unavailable to transport the dog, we can arrange for a volunteer to do so.

We occasionally show dogs by private appointment in the foster home or at a local pet store, and ask for the foster parent’s cooperation in this regard.

Although Rover Rescue prefers that a dog remain in one foster home until a permanent home is found, any amount of time that you give to fostering a dog is very helpful and greatly appreciated.

What If I Become Too Attached?

This is one of the most common remarks we hear, and we understand this sentiment completely! It is always difficult for us to part with an animal that we have rescued and sometimes nursed back to health. But letting go is part of the process.

The work foster parents do saves the lives of many precious dogs. These dogs get a new lease on life and a chance to experience all the happiness that they deserve. Although the self-sacrifice may seem difficult to those who have never lived through it, many foster parents who once thought it too painful, now tell us the rewards are life-changing.

If you have room in your home and heart, Rover Rescue is in URGENT need of foster homes. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please e-mail us, or call us at 310-379-0154.

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